Price Per Canister

Boss:Lamar Davis
  • Go to the server's location
  • Kill the enemies
  • Collect the hardware
  • Lose wanted level
  • Deliver the hardware
Unlocked after:Benny's Best Bet
Unlocks:Straight Hustla
Max players1 minimum - 4 maximum
Price Per Canister is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Lamar Davis.
"Eh, fool, I got another hustle for you. You down? Steal some oil from the Murrieta Oil Field and bring it to me. Holla at me when it's done, aight?"
— Lamar Davis

Mission summary

Lamar wants the player to steal some oil from the Murrieta Oil Field located in East Los Santos. Go to the oil field, take out the guards, steal the cainsters and bring it to Lamar.

Mission steps

  1. Go to the Oil Field
  2. Kill the enemies
  3. Collect the Oil Canisters
  4. Lose the guards
  5. Deliver the Oil Canisters


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