Straight Hustla

Boss:Lamar Davis
  • Arrive at the Vagos' safehouse
  • Kill everyone there
  • Steal any gang vehicles you find
  • Bring the vehicles to Lamar
Unlocked after:Price per canister
Max players:1 minimum - 4 maximum
Straight Hustla is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Lamar Davis.
"Aww shit! You really startin' to climb up. Yo, I got word of a safehouse they Yellows usin'. Clap all them fools!"
— Lamar Davis

Mission summary

Lamar got word of a Vagos safehouse in Rancho. Kill everyone there and steal any gang vehicles you find.

Mission steps

  1. Arrive at the Vagos' safehouse
  2. Kill everyone there
  3. Steal any gang vehicles you find
  4. Bring the vehicles to Lamar


  • The gang vehicles present at the safehouse are the Willard Faction, Albany Buccaneer and Vapid Chino.
  • One of the gang members in the safehouse is drinking beer out of a carton of orange juice.

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